What is veritas?
veritas is a literary magazine published by coffice.com. Features include poetry, short stories, non-fiction, and visual works. Veritas was first published in August of 2002, but was redesigned in May of 2003 to allow for submissions by all visitors to the site, and a broader audience. We also changed the look of the site, and the focus of the publication.

Justification for Existence - Why is veritas?
When did poets stop being pop culture icons? At veritas, we are worried about the intellectual state of our world, and wish to contribute to - rather than detract from - it. We publish what we believe to be quality work, and hope that our readers see it as such. We have seen sites such as one38.org (One Thousand Ridiculous Tragedies) go without updates for months, and hope that we can provide an outlet that is both moderated for quality, and updated frequently enough to be appreciated.

What is coffice.com?
coffice.com has been in use since 1999 for the publication of various works, and is currently host to veritas, and a few select projects.

How do I submit my work to veritas?
Simply click the submissions link above, or go to coffice.com/submissions. If you have specific questions about submissions, or wish to request more information, just e-mail submissions@coffice.com.

Recent News

Veritas has been established as a Berkeley Student run organization, and the constitution has been drafted and revised. It will be submitted for approval this coming Monday.

We are preparing issue four, with the tentative title "Tales of Unimaginable Woe".

The site is officially public, has been receiving between 900-1100 hits per day. Text advertising will begin in the summer, and we encourage everyone to use the e-mail feature at the bottom of the pages to tell people about veritas. You can e-mail comments@coffice.com with comments and suggestions about the site, or if you find errors, you're having technical difficulties, etc.

The database design is done for the commenting system.

The site is nearly ready for public consumption, and the original texts that we wanted to keep were moved over to issues one and two. Aurora submitted two poems, which are included in issue three. Aurora also suggested a comments system, which will be added soon.

Database design for the new submission and display system has begun.

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